Cannacoin is cryptocurrency for the cannabis community, worldwide. Call us (833) 4-GETCOIN. Proof of Stake since 2014. Pass it on.

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Leafly is the world's premiere cannabis knowledge and news repository. All the information about cannabis and cannabis related issues that you are looking for.

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Need to find the nearest cannabis shop? Our detailed maps make it easy to find. Look up your favorite strain and where to find them nearby.

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Choose from our unique selection of high quality hemp derived Delta-8 infused edibles. 100% legal and lab tested. Made in the USA. Fast and affordable shipping, worldwide (void where prohibited).

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Online streaming radio station with a cryptocurrency theme. Your source for cryptocurrency news and discussion. Streaming all day, every day.

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The fastest growing online community in the world. The hub of the Cannacoin community. Join our server and play with our tip bot.

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The internet's premiere video sharing service that allows users to watch videos posted by other users and upload videos of their own. Check out our weekly podcast, "Cryptocurrents".