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Q: What is Cannacoin?

A: Cannacoin was first developed in 2013 and deployed on March 28, 2014 as a solution to the "cash only" respite set on growers, dispensaries, and consumers alike by the federal government and the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) of 2008. It was the brainchild of the founders of the now defunct "" medical cannabis forum and exchange. It is a new form of electronic money called "cryptocurrency" similar to Bitcoin and Dogecoin and is geared toward use within the medical and recreational cannabis community worldwide as a medium of exchange, a unit of account, and a store of value for cannabis and cannabis related products and services.

Cannacoin(CCN) was handmade and proudly released with 0.00% pre-mine and no ICO. It transitioned to "Proof-of-Stake" (PoS) at block 370,000 with a nominal stake interest of 2% annually. There were 4,625,000 CCN mined during the "Proof-of-Work" phase (PoW). It has a max supply of 13,140,000 coin and a block time of 60 seconds.

Q: Why Cannacoin?

A: Simply put, we need Cannacoin because someday Bitcoin will be too precious to spend.

The entire project is free and open-source and available on GitHub.

It is an honor and privilege to be a part of this project. If you would like to join our effort feel free to contact us.


The Cannacoin Community Network

Josh and James Dellay of Open Source Steel in Kent, WA and WondrMedia in Fife, WA
Lead Developers

Brent Kohler aka deusopus of Grass Shack Studios in Seattle, WA
Founding Member and Social Media Director

Tom Burkhardt aka 8-bit aka Crypto Splinter
Founding Member and Tech Support

Special thanks to: VashTheStampede, Grimnir, and tokyopotato



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Blockchain Explorer

Setup Instructions

Step 1: Download Cannacoin Wallet (Windows)

Step 2: unzip and open 'cannacoin-qt.exe'

Step 3: click 'help' > 'debug' window

Step 4: click the 'console' tab

Step 5: enter the nodes in the text bar as follows:

addnode IP ADDRESS add

Step 6: allow the blockchain to download and sync. this step will take several days.

Step 7: email us with your Cannacoin address and we'll send you some free coin to get started!

Active Node IPs:

Also coming soon...

Multi-User Video Chat w/IM, Screen Sharing, and Screen Recording (no registration required)

KCCN Online Streaming Radio Station

Cannacoin Rap - DJ Puppet ft. DJ Skeletor on YouTube

deusopus กค Cannacoin Rap - DJ Puppet ft DJ Skeletor

Cannacoin Rap - DJ Puppet ft. DJ Skeletor on SoundCloud

Project Goals

Phase 1

Step 1: Audit and verify the security of the source code on GitHub.

Step 2: Release an updated wallet for Windows, MacOS, and Linux.

Phase 2

Step 3: Develop a standard order book type exchange here on

Step 4: List Cannacoin on the exchange.

Phase 3

Step 5: Start marketing and promotion. Reach out to growers, retailers, and other cannabis based projects for collaboration.

Step 6: Add some premium and advanced features on the exchange.

Phase 4

Step 7: Release a new ERC20 token called 'Cannacoin Pro' on the exchange.

Phase 5

Step 8: Release a mobile staking wallet for Android and iOS.

Phase 6

Step 9: Place a Cannacoin ATM in participating cannabis retailers allowing consumers to purchase Cannacoin with debit or credit for use in the store with an incentivized discount on goods.


The first 90 days will be an establishment period.

After that, we expect an average profit of 2BTC/month for 6 months.

Then 5BTC+/month in perpetuity.

Development time is estimated at 45 days.

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In loving memory of Phil Cohen aka RebPhil
Founding Member
RIP 2015

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